Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving, Drama, New Moon

Wow I haven't posted in a really long time ! ): I miss you all (: ♥

Welll, today is Thanksgiving! I love this holiday; all the food is delicious, the Macy's parade is spectacular, and seeing my crazy family all in one place is always entertaining. Every year we go to my aunt's house and play cards and catch up until dinner is ready. My mom isn't the best of cooks, so when my aunts cook its a real treat (: the turkey and ham are always delicious, the mashed potatoes and stuffing(my fav) are to die for, and the deserts are unspeakably yummy. Mmmm, I love food! What are some of your families Thanksgiving day traditions???

Last weekend was my high school's production of The Sting(some of you may know the movie...I personally haven't seen it yet, but I hear it's a classic). I played Mrs. Lombard, and I'm not sure if she was in the movie or not :/ But I loved playing her! She's quite rich, wears a fur shawl(I wanted to keep it soooooo bad!), and is a snob. My scene was in a train compartment, playing poker. Getting in and out of the compartment was something, but it was worth it. That was in act act 2 I played an extra, which was fun because we got to freeze and then unfreeze in a lot of scenes. This was my first time acting, and I absolutely loved it! All the long nights rehersing was worth it for those moments onstage. I can't wait for the spring musical! :D
As Mrs. Lombard:

As an extra:

at rehersals x]:

Because of drama, I've been falling behind on a lot of things, such as blogging and reading my magazines! Homework and the boyfriend come before either, of course, but I really have missed them both. Now that drama's done for a while, I'll be posting more like I used to (:

Ahhh yesterday I saw New Moon with two of my best friends. The movie was ah-mazing! It followed the book really well and it helped that all the wolves walk around shirtless for most of the movie. Jacob and Edward will always be my favorites though. ♥ Edward is sooo gorgeous that I could just stare at him all day. And Jacob's hair...I love it long! Usually I dont like long hair on guys AT ALL, but on him it just looks so sexy and I just want to run my fingers through it lol. I can't wait to see it again :D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I have my very first boyfriend, as of Sunday night(November 8th). :D :D I've known him for about a year, and we started talking like we wanted to date this past summer. The only reason it took so long for us to make it official/exclusive is because A) He's 19, I'm 15...a little bit of an age difference, but I decided that if adults can do it, so can I. B) A few weeks after we started really 'talking', he up and moved to Florida!(He had a really good reason, and it's really complicated). It's so hard everyday to not be able to see him, but we literally talk 24/7(when we're not sleeping of course) and I talk to him on the phone every night before I go to bed. C) He's black. He's origannly from the island of St.Lucia, which is near the Bahammas. My dad has already warned me that if I ever brought home a black guy to just not even bother coming home, so needless to say, neither of my parents know that I'm dating him. I'm going to tell my mom eventually, or hopefully she'll just figure it out on her own, but my dad will never ever find out. So I had to take that into consideration...but I think my boyfriend is so worth the risk. D) We're both really really picky as to who we want to date, so we had this back and forth thing of sort of testing each other...obviously we both passed (: I haven't been this happy in a really long time. I'm hoping that we'll last for a while (: And he's coming to visit for Christmas/New Years, and I get to spend the whole time with him. I literally cannot wait!! Ahhhh, yay (:

I dont have any pics of him on my computer, so I can't show you what he looks like :P He's really cute and has an amazing body, so :D you should be sad that you can't see him lol. But looks aren't everything; he's the nicest guy I've ever known. He takes everything into consideration regarding my parents and our age(in New York, it's illegal to have sex with someone under the age of 16) and we already decided that we're not going to have sex until I'm 18(idk how well thats going to work out, but at least he's already stated that he doesnt want to force me into anything). He's not only beyond sweet to me, but to everyone else he knows/encounters. He's one of those guys that would do anything for anyone.