Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wicked Dieting

I've decided that I'm going on a diet. Not only do I want to look better, but I want to feel better and be more confident. The food that I usually eat (I eat a Quaker chewy granola bar for breakfast every morning, eat school pizza for lunch everyday, and usually have some sort of white pasta or chicken for dinner everynight) makes me feel really sluggish and gross, and I'm (literally) sick of it! I want to feel good on the inside and out! Now I just need to the willpower/willingness of my mom to buy the right food...

Whats been stopping me for so long about starting a diet and getting healthy is really not knowing what to eat. My idea of "healthy" is a an apple every once in a while and maybe some carrots thrown in with dinner. Not very healthy at all, I know. I really want to work on changing that an educating myself on whats best to eat. You're probably going to think its silly, but Glamour magazine has some really good tips on their website for healthy foods! I'm going to take their advice for every meal and snack. Over the past week I've made up a list of all the foods I think will be healthy, still taste good, and not be too overly expensive.

- Homemade oatmeal with cinnamon or instant oatmeal with apples and cinnamon
- A glass of orange(with vitamin C and D) or cranapple juice
- An apple or an orange

Lunches: (I'm going to start brining my own lunch)
- A turkey sandwich on whole grain bread with lettuce, a tomato slice, and mustard
- Garlic hummus on crackers
- Low sodium chicken noodle soup
- String cheese
- Strawberries, blueberries, and peaches

- Grilled, baked, or rotisery chicken
- Whole grain pasta (with whatever we would normally have with pasta)
- Scallop stirfry with lemon juice, veggies, and whole grain pasta
- Shrimp stirfry with lemon juice, veggies, and whole grain pasta

Snacks: (I usually have something small when I get home from school)
- Sliced apples with peanut butter
- A low fat granola bar
- Frozen yogurt
- Mixed nuts with sea salt
- Dark chocolate

I think all of this is do-able. Well, I hope so. I really want to stop feeling gross and start feeling and looking amazing! Wish me luck.


Tomorrow night I'm seeing the Broadway musical Wicked! I'M BEYOND EXCITED! :D The cast is touring the country and performing in cities and, yay!, they're coming to my city! I know a lot of people that have already gone to see it and they say that it's spectacular. :D ! expect lots of pictures (especially of my outfit!)

Have a good weekend loves (:

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spring Fever

I'm in a winter slump. I've gotten to that point in the season when yes, the snow is somewhat pretty, but I wish it would just go away and be replaced by the sweet flowers and green grass of Spring. I want to be able to wear flowy skirts and fun dresses without tights, transition from dark-wash jeans into a lighter pair, put the Uggs back into their box and slip into a pair of strappy sandals, and have no fear when wearing shoes without a lot of tread on them.
The Spring trends are another thing I'm really looking forward to. Basic white tee's, cool floral prints, pastel hues, fun ruffles, and so much more! Ahhhh, I cannot wait! :D

Do you ever have those certain things that you just become obsessed with? Lately I've had several! Take for example...
1) Vampire Weekend. LOVE THEIR MUSIC! It's so fun, odd, cool, different! As I type this Cousins is playing (:

2) Rose Salve. Moisturizes, smells amazing, and is a pretty color.

3) Curly hair. I haven't quite figured out how to wield a curling iron yet, but I'm working on it...

4) Facebook. Yes, I have taken up facebook stalking all of my 'friends' lol don't judge me! I get REALLY bored sometimes.

5) Art. Art class is my favorite class of the day! I love creating, seeing what other people create, and having the freedom to make anything I want. Like drying out slices of bread, splatter painting them, and them gluing them to yellow foam board in an Andy Warhol-esque fashion. x]

Last night I went to see The Lovely Bones with my friend Carley. We got to the mall a few hours before the movie started so we tried on a few prom dresses in Lord & Taylor. hahhaha

I really liked this movie, even though it was sad (and made me cry a few times). I liked the tones of everything, the acting (loooooove Stanley Tucci and Saoirse Ronan), the cute guy that played Susie's love interest, and the fact that Susie used a film camera (: However, I didn't like how Mr. Harvey ended up dieing! Could have been wayyy better. Oh well, everything can't be perfect.

Friday, January 8, 2010

always one foot on the ground

I always have one foot on the ground. I never do anything all the way, I'm always too scared. Lately I've been doing A LOT of thinking and I've realized that my new years resolution is to do everything fully, to put my all into everything and to not be scared of what might or might not happen. What's your new years resolution or do you not make one? I'm hoping that I can keep this one up...

Not talking to Irivin 24/7 has given me a lot of time to go back to the way I used to be; very very very inverted, always thinking about something that has nothing to do with whats really going on. That's my way of escaping. I get lost in my own thoughts. Mainly I've been thinking of how pretty the snow is when it glitters in the sun, how I really want a new camera for my sweet 16 (along with my shopping trip to NYC), how with that camera I will start a 365 for my flickr, how beautiful everything thing is, that I really like odd names (Roman, Saoirse *pronounced SEER-sha*, Rowan, Lydia, Violet), that writing keeps me sane, and just a bunch of other completely random things.

I'm sick of winter. After Christmas it can just go away and spring can come out to play. But to my dismay, in upstate New York winter stays around til about the middle of March, maybe early April if we're really unlucky. :P I miss spring/summer clothes! I want to wear dresses without having to wear tights, I want to show off my pale/newly skinny legs! I want to stop having to wear my Uggs (yes, I have Uggs...I have the black pair and they are soooo warm and comfy so I dont really care that they're ugly as hell) everyday because the snow is way to deep to get away with just converse or flats.

I HAVE DISCOVERED A NEW BAND! :D Vampire Weekend! anyone heard of them??
I downloaded a couple of their songs and they are so good! I like how upbeat and fun they are...also the lyrics aren't too weird, but they still sort of are.
My favorites are Campus and Mansard Roof...go look them up! :D ♥