Friday, January 8, 2010

always one foot on the ground

I always have one foot on the ground. I never do anything all the way, I'm always too scared. Lately I've been doing A LOT of thinking and I've realized that my new years resolution is to do everything fully, to put my all into everything and to not be scared of what might or might not happen. What's your new years resolution or do you not make one? I'm hoping that I can keep this one up...

Not talking to Irivin 24/7 has given me a lot of time to go back to the way I used to be; very very very inverted, always thinking about something that has nothing to do with whats really going on. That's my way of escaping. I get lost in my own thoughts. Mainly I've been thinking of how pretty the snow is when it glitters in the sun, how I really want a new camera for my sweet 16 (along with my shopping trip to NYC), how with that camera I will start a 365 for my flickr, how beautiful everything thing is, that I really like odd names (Roman, Saoirse *pronounced SEER-sha*, Rowan, Lydia, Violet), that writing keeps me sane, and just a bunch of other completely random things.

I'm sick of winter. After Christmas it can just go away and spring can come out to play. But to my dismay, in upstate New York winter stays around til about the middle of March, maybe early April if we're really unlucky. :P I miss spring/summer clothes! I want to wear dresses without having to wear tights, I want to show off my pale/newly skinny legs! I want to stop having to wear my Uggs (yes, I have Uggs...I have the black pair and they are soooo warm and comfy so I dont really care that they're ugly as hell) everyday because the snow is way to deep to get away with just converse or flats.

I HAVE DISCOVERED A NEW BAND! :D Vampire Weekend! anyone heard of them??
I downloaded a couple of their songs and they are so good! I like how upbeat and fun they are...also the lyrics aren't too weird, but they still sort of are.
My favorites are Campus and Mansard Roof...go look them up! :D ♥


  1. Hey Jessica! your new years resolution sounds right on, I wish I wasn't so lazy now XD Here is the link to my blog, I am collecting interesting followers: follow if you want to! thanks:

  2. I don't make new year resolutions, but I like yours. Best of luck in maintaining it.

    I like different names, too. Like Katha *pronounced KET-ah*, Vashti, Puja and Aniesa. The first three of which are Indian. :]

    That really stinks you can't wear converse or flats because of snow. So, move to Florida! haha.

  3. yay for vampire weekend. love them so much! :)
    i can't wait for spring. yay for dresses, and not trousers! :)

  4. I made a few resolutions for the new year.

    1. To become fluent in French.
    2. To be more social and active with my friends.
    3. To sew and crochet more often.

    So far so good, but it's early yet.