Friday, October 15, 2010

recognizing defeat.

I'm dropping AP U.S. History. I've failed the two tests we've had with a 63 and a 49, the workload is overwhelming, and its just not worth it. I don't want to be crazy and on the verge of tears everytime I look at a text book.
But quitting sucks. I feel like a complete failure. I wanted to take that class soooo bad. I know I could do it, but when I open up the book to start working I just don't want to. I guess thats a sign that I shouldn't? Yes, I think so.
So, alas, I move down to regular U.S. History where I will maintain my normal average of low 90s and become considerably less stressed. AND! I'll be able to take Health this year with claire, carley, AND rachel (: yay.

after all of this I'm in serious need of some Harry Potter time. those books make my brain feel better

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