Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Church makes me emotional, which is why I dont like going. It brings tears to my eyes that I cant explain. Strangely, though, I feel bad if I dont go on Christmas Eve and Easter. So tonight I got all dolled up and went to mass. Ergh. Glad I dont have to do that again until March..or April? whatever. A couple of months.

I'm so excited for tomorrow :D ...sort of. I just want my presents, but I dont want to spend time with my cousin and his son; they're annoying as fuck. Sorry, but this is my blog so I can say how I really feel. I wish I could just get my presents, give my parents their presents, and then just be done. I could do without all the eating, it just makes me feel fat.

Tuesday I have to go have Christmas with my unrelated family. I feel like they think I'm a spoiled bitch, so I dont like being around them either. We have nothing in common, nothing to talk about, and its just awkward while we're sitting there silently judging each other. I just like being with my 'grandma'; she's the sweetest, most adorable old lady, who I know truly loves me and my mom.

I feel like I should be watching a Christmas movie or something. Maybe I'll go do that, then wrap the gifts.

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