Saturday, January 1, 2011

so now its 2011

Holy shit I cant believe another year has gone by. Did it go by fast, or was it just me?
I dont really have anything to complain about, overall it was generally decent. Some parts were strange though.
Shall we have an overview? I feel like I should because most people probably are. And I want to.

It started off pretty depressing, with the whole Irvin thing. I dont enjoy looking back on that whole chapter of my life, so thats that. I'm happy that was over by March. March 5, 2010 to be exact.
After that I felt sweet relief, did a musical and made a new best friend.
Then I broke my prom dates heart, turned 16, and went to New York City and had the best time of my life.
The summer was alright, I spent my days doing nothing of real importance. I hung out with old friends and those ones from school. Oh yeah, and I went to the Harry Potter theme park. Another one of those best times of my life. Then at the end of the summer I had a very strange yet awesome time with the boy I may or not be in love with. That was cool I guess.
Once school started it was all pretty boring, aside from that one time I went to a party and made out with those guys. and that really hot 14 year old on Halloween...haaaa.
I found that 11th grade really isnt that difficult. And I also found out that I'm lazy as fuck. I think thats partially Claire's fault. I spend some part of every day with her and I'm fine with that. We keep each other sane and I think we saved each other. If we hadnt become best friends I dont know where I'd be. Probably still secretly hating everyone.
and now its 2011. I'm going to Italy in a month. HECK YES. I'm so excited. and then I guess we'll just have to see (:

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  1. Italy? I'm jealous.

    I can't wait to keep reading about your life in 2011. I'm sorry I comment infrequently. I always get so hung up on "the right thing to say," which is ridiculous.

    Well, Happy New Year!