Sunday, December 6, 2009


Ahhh school, having a boyfriend, and just everything is stressing me out lately. I feel so overwhelmed that sometimes I literally have to step back and take a deep breath. I need to find a way to juggle school, my boyfriend, friends, and my needs all at once, and then I'll be happy.

Last weekend I took the whole Sunday afternoon to just sit and look at colleges. Yes, I'm only a sophmore but I really want to find a school that I love and will do well at so I figure the earlier I start looking the better. I want to major in English and minor in Studio Art (if thats at all possible) and I really want to stay in the northeast. Out of all the ones I researched, Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson New York, Boston University in Boston, and Dartmouth in Hanover New Hampshire were my top 3. Anyone know anything about them? If so, let me know please! :D Now just to get my GPA up to a 92...89 just isn't cutting it for me.

In school the bright spot of my day is art class. I love creating things, listening to the people in my class talk, and my teacher is amazing. Our latest project that we finished was a kaleidascope of sorts with a color scheme. Mine was cool colors and I love how it came out so much that it's now hanging on my wall in my room (:

I have conformation class every Sunday morning :P I stuggle a lot with religion because honestly I dont think I believe it. So needless to say, waking up at 8 on a Sunday morning to listen to stuff I dont even believe in is pretty annoying. Not to mention that I dont agree with our teacher on ANYTHING. So just to make things at least a little entertaining I question everything and always state my opinion. Todays topic was marriage, so of course gay marriage came up. I have a lot of gay/bi friends, so the topic matters to me quite a lot. According to the teacher marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman and being gay is a sin. I understand that marriage is special and the whole purpose of it is to produce children, and that traditionally you can only get kids out of a man and a woman. But nowadays, things are SO different! There are so many ways to have children that that's not really an excuse anymore for gays not being allowed to marry. I just think it's wrong to deny someone the basic rights that come along with marriage just because of who they love.

Last night I went to RocknBowl with my friends and it was so much fun! Ahh I love them ♥ they make all my stress go away and just let me be silly.


  1. Darmouth is an awesome liberal arts college! It's great you're already thinking two years ahead. And knowing what you want to major in is even better. I have no clue where I would like to go to college or what I would like to study. Soon I shall begin visiting universities.
    Ew, I hated confirmation classes. Sacraments can be so tedious.

  2. Your kaleidoscope art is so cool! And the ideas for colleges sound awesome, I've heard a lot of good things about all those schools.

  3. aw yeah I feel you about how hectic life can be sometimes - just hang in there! love the pics :)

  4. ohhh i remember when i used to sit and read about colleges, loved that. didnt end up going ot any because i moved to la instead to be "a star" but those were the good days haha.

  5. First off-I love your striped shirt : )

    Religion is confining, I prefer to just be spiritual. I have never enjoyed going to church because I always feel like it's so cliquish and judgemental. I'm glad you are staying so open minded and independent : )

    I'm sorry you are so overwhelmed with everything you have going on. Relax. Breathe. Create.

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