Saturday, December 19, 2009


I've been feeling really inspired lately to take pictures. Over the summer I took a lot but since school has started I really have only taken a few (that I dont even like). I love photography. It's just fun to go around and take pictures, and even more fun when they come out worth something.
Not having time to shoot is really disappointing. Whenever I have the time its either really late at night/early in the morning or I just dont have the will to get my lazy ass up. :P

I really wish my hair would grow out faster. It's getting there, but not fast enough! and I want to lose those last 10 pounds. and I want to have the will to only eat healthy foods. and I want to be able to drink and not feel quilty about it, or end up fat(ter), or end up having a bad reputation. drinking is fun, and it's my choice, so I want people to just let me get it out of my system. I need to let my wild side roam free for a while. I'm sick of being a good-girl.

*prepare for a rant of all the things I want out of life...and to hear some things you normally wouldn't*
I want to graduate high school already! I'm so over it. I want college to be exactly the way I want it to be, I want to find my dream guy(artsy, dark brown hair, dark green eyes, tall, skinny but muscley, can hold an inteligent convorsation, can easily make me laugh, loves me for me and all my faults/oddities, and will be there at the end of the day to spoon with) at said college, I want to love my majors, I want everything to be just the way I want it to be. I want to hook up with my boyfriend and then dump him because dating him is causing me too much stress but I'm a little too horny for my own good at the moment. I want to find a better boyfriend. I want to go back to that saturday night with my best guy friend and let him love me. I want to live in a starbucks-like loft, complete with coffee whenever I want it, served by a hot waiter guy. I want to write. I want to take pictures of everything, all day everyday. I want to get everything I want, when I want it. I want to be a bitch just because I feel like it and not have anyone get mad at me. I want to have a good job that I enjoy. I want to go to New York City, London, and Paris. I want to get 100s in everything. I want everything to be amazing and awe-inspiring.
Is that too much to ask? Yes, it is.


  1. Ahhh yeah me too i love taking my camera with me everywhere i go, any random snaps are worth looking at :D

    That's a good rant haha, i tend to do that too and it feels good because at least for me it sets a target of what i want to do later on. Some may not work but hey thats life. Good luck with everything! College is awesome!

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