Friday, April 16, 2010


What does one do when the boy who asked them to prom is completely in love with them? But they don't like him as more than a really good friend? But possibly might like him like that if he dressed differently and got a better haircut? (And does that make them a bad person?)

I'm so confused.
But I'm excited for prom (: I'm going to look beautiful...I hope.


  1. No that does not make you a bad person. Shallow, but not bad! LOL. Seriously, no.

    In the interests of romance, why not tell him this. If you want to stay friends, maybe not.

    This advice comes from an adult of sorts so it makes it kind of 'official' LOL.

  2. Jessica

    Thanks Jessica for following my blog. (If you don't mind the pitch for it it's If you do then feel free to delete this comment).

    I am so excited about you following as you are only my 2nd follower that isn't someone that I shamelessly begged to join the site from my FB friends mostly (a good tip for growing your readership).

    Also, it is nice to have a younger follower. I think that you are my youngest. In fact I am pretty sure you are. Anyway, thanks again. Oh, and feel free to recommend me to friends. LOL.


  3. Hi!
    I agree with Carmen. If I were in your situation, I wouldn't tell them (now).


  4. dang, if its just the clothes and haircut, not even the looks...i would totally go and say how handsome he'd look with so-and-so hair.

    i hope it works!! post pics of your dress!