Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Feel the Need

I feel the need to start writing again, to start reading Harry Potter again, to start taking pictures again, and to lose 20 pounds by summer. I'm quite looking forward to doing all of these things. I think I'll feel much better about life in general if I do them. Not that there's anything wrong with my life now, its actually quite good. I just can't express myself the way I used to, I dont get that connection with things the way I used to, and I dont really feel the way I used to.
I sort of blame these things on Irvin. I wish he'd never stepped into my life, that he'd never spoken to me, and that I hadn't been stupid enough to just date the first nice guy that was interested in me. I think he's the biggest mistake of my life, and since I've broken up with him I've just become closed off (secretly) and not myself. I miss me. I need to come back, from wherever I've gone.


  1. Trust me there will be many mistakes you will make but it's not what you did - it is what you do next that counts



  2. You will find yourself. In the midst of heartache we find out what we are truly made of. And dear, trust me, you are made of wonderful things : )

  3. Give yourself some time to recuperarte. Before you know it, you'll be your old self again. Bad situations come to an end.