Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sweet 16

Ah, only 1 more year until my sweet 16! Well, a little more than a year, but still. I cannot wait! I'll be able to drive and I will have finally made it to New York City. You see, for my big present, I'm going with my mom and best friend. It is going to be amazing. I'm seeing at least one Broadway show, eating a dirty-water hotdog, eating gourmet food, and spending wayyy too much money on clothes. Did I mention it's going to be AMAZING?! Shopping wise, I want to buy at least one thing from Marc Jacobs, one thing from Luella, one thing from Kira Plastina, and one thing from Chanel. The rest is just going to be from little boutiques and random shops. (: eeeeeeeee! one more year(and three months)...but whose counting?


  1. that's soooo exciting!
    i'll be 16 in less than a year (:
    and i'm going to see the rockettes for my sweet 16 with my grandmother because my birthday's in november. its so exciting (:

  2. the rockettes as in dancing?? thats so cool! They are really really good.

  3. I went to New York for my thirteenth birthday about a year and a half ago. it was incredable. I cant wait to go back. I recommend Legally Blonde on Broadway. thats what I saw and it was amazing!