Sunday, September 27, 2009

better late than never, right?

Quite a while back I recieved the Honest Scrap award, but never got around to answering the 10 honest things about myself. Honestly I couldn't think of anything when I got it. But now I've managed to think of some! I guess the return of fall has inspired me (:

1) I really want to own a real fur coat. I know it's horrible for the animals, but they are just so amazing to me. I would wear it every single day, if only for a minute.

2) I love snow.

3) I still like watching little kid shows like Charlie & Lola and Scooby Doo :D They make me happy.

4) I like talking to this one guy because he is my own little form of rebellion.

5) I like smoking cigarettes(even though I've only ever had two). I think they taste like chocolate.

6) I love my dad but I dont like him. If that makes any sense...

7) I don't know what I want.

8) I want to move far far away, but at the same time I like where I live.

9) Sometimes I think I'm ready for high school to be over but then I realize that I'm not really.

10) I have very unrealistic ideas about how life is.

sorry if that was a bit depressing "/


  1. nooo, it's just automnal mood. ijust feel the same !!

  2. Number 6 makes a lot of sense to me.

  3. I like 4 and 5 and I think I know what you mean about 7 and 8.

  4. Number 1 is my exact problem right now!!!! I love love love real fur but if I had a fur coat I think I'd just feel guilty... indecision :(
    Love your blog!