Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sophmore Year x[

Hello all (: Wow I haven't posted in over a week! Thats a long time for me.

Last Tuesday I started 10th grade in high school and I am not loving it so far. I mean, yeah it's great to be back to the routine of school and to see people that I otherwise never see, but some classes I am so much better off without. Like Earth Science. My teacher(who is actually really cool and nice) gave us a quiz on the first day! I know this sounds horrible, but out of about 20 questions, I answer probably 6 of them, and got all but 2 wrong! x[ I felt so stupid. It was TERRIBLE.

Then we have Geometry(with honors). It is not all shapes, let me tell you that. I guess for 75% of the year we'll be working on proofs, which sound really confusing and completely un-fun. But I didn't really expect anything different from anything do to with math. x[

All my other classes are pretty much the same level as they were last year, which isn't too bad. I'll manage with my usual high 80s, low 90s. I do have one bright spot though! STUDIO ART!!!!!!!!! I haven't taken art class since 8th grade and last year I really missed it, so I'm glad to be back! Tomarrow we start our first sketch, which is of a shoe. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to do my cloud converse, just for a challenge. Should be fun! Oh, and just a random thing about that class that makes me really happy, I love my teacher! She is so cool, from Long Island so her accent is awesome, and she really likes me. She calls me Vocabulary Girl, just because anytime she asks us what a word means I'm the only one who ever knows haha.

Me on the first day of school(my mom takes a picture every year lol)

My converse that I'm going to be drawing


  1. I hated Earth Science last year. I had the most awful teacher who did not teach anything, so when time for regents (do you take regents?) came, I had to wing it. I received an 80, and usually I would be POed by an 80, but I was super proud of my hard-earned 80.
    Geometry I liked though. My teacher was super chill. However, I hated proofs, and if asked now to do a proof, I would be super embarrassed by not being able to do it.
    Lucky! I wanted to take art this year, but instead, I'm taking drama. You're going to have a blast in studio art.
    Make sure to post a picture of the sketch once you're done. (:

    Yay! I'm glad you love Kiss with a Fist.

  2. haha i jsut started sophomore year too, keeping my fingers crossed itll be a good year :p :) xo, LC

  3. i like your blog :)