Friday, September 18, 2009

(: Sketch of My Shoe!

I finished the sketch of my shoes! I got the biggest smiley that you can get(which is my teachers equivilent to a 100%)! I was really please with the way it turned out. What do you think?

(sorry the lighting sucks, I literally took this picture at 1 in the morning x])


  1. Thank you; my header is notebook paper. :D
    My school had a Newspaper (years ago) but the students who runned it were not committed. This time, though, the Newspaper club is going to be a selective group.
    I'm (hopefully) taking classes at the museum near my house, not the MOMA. I wish they had art classes though.

    YES! The sketch looks fantastic. Awesome job (!!!!!)

  2. that is a really cool shoe! is it pencil or charcoal or something else?

  3. Superb sketch!

    Oh and your plaid shirt in your last post is beyond adorable. Some things are so cute everyone loves them. I am a big plaid fan myself but surprisingly not too many people around me seem to feel the same way.

  4. Oh lovely drawing.

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    have a lovely day

  5. cool shoes and cooler sketch!
    thanks for the comment :)