Friday, March 20, 2009


Happy Spring everyone! Ah, yes, it's finally here! I have been waiting too long.

I recently added the Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince countdown. Harry Potter was my first love, and HBP is my second favorit book, so I am unbelievably excited for this movie! Ahhh! YAY.


  1. oh good, another girl like me who like harry potter :)

  2. Harry Potter is the best!:))

  3. haha, i'm not a big fan of harry potter... but sounds exciting (:
    btw, i've tagged you (:

  4. Yeah, I'm also so happy spring finally begun!
    Oh and I didn't know that the movie was finished! Yeah! (:

  5. Yes, Harry Potter is the best. I could talk about it all day! *don't get me started, unless your in for some long talks.*

    Hayley, thanks for tagging me! *skips off to check it out*