Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My own little another life.

I haven't posted in nearly a week! Wow!
Yesterday was so beautiful, I had to do some gardening(on St.Patricks Day, hahaa). I took some pictures and had a ton of fun. I love gardening. The smell of fresh earth beneath my feet, the birds singing to me, and all the little flowers coming out to say hello. Ah, I love spring.

I am in love with those sandals.

and more (:

and two of moi


  1. yay spring! the snow is almost completely gone from my lawn, also, i can't wait until my flowers bloom again!
    i love your sandals (: i've wanted a pair like that for a while!

  2. Thanks, I got them from American Eagle Outfitters, for like, $30! They are the best.