Saturday, March 7, 2009


I'm very angry with myself. I got the pedicure that I've been wanting for a while now, but I'm regretting it. It cost me $30 total, including a $5 tip*only because I havent shaved in weeks and I have callouses**and I felt really bad for the girl*. My toes are very nice and soft and pretty, but I could have spent that money on some new spring clothes. For example, after the pedicure, I wandered into Forever 21 and American Eagle and H&M and wanted to kick myself. They all had new things in, and all were very springy, cute, and I loved everything! I was so angry. All because of a dumb pedicure. Even though I was in need of one. The only good thing that came of this is that once I have a warm spring day I can wear my new gladiators!

Speaking of spring, I really, really need to go shopping. *I feel like I'm always saying this*

1. I need more sandals
2. I need a new pair of skinny jeans
3. I need more dresses
4. I need more skirts! I only have 1! Eeep!
5. I need more tights
6. I need MONEY. and to find someone who will hire an almost 15 year old. "/


  1. $30 for the pedicure? It's robbery!
    I think that almost every girl (including me) says that she needs to go shopping every time she looks to her wardrobe, especially in spring!:)

  2. oh, how much i can relate. i need to get a job this summer. i have no money! i babysat last night and got some good cash though, hah.

  3. Eve, $30 was a lot for a pedicure, but it was origanally $25, I was just nice and tipped $5 because my feet were so nasty haha.
    Even though I always say I need to go shopping and spring is the cause, I can't help but loving spring. *sigh*

    Hayley, I'm jelous. I don't even have anyone to babysit! It's horrible being 14.