Friday, March 27, 2009

I have stolen a survery off The Cherry Blossom Girl's blog (:

I am incredibly bored and whilst looking at The Cherry Blossom Girl's blog, I decided to sort of immitate her Q&A scession. (: enjoy.

If you could realize 3 wishes, what would they be?- I would absolutely love to meet J. K. Rowling, I mean, the woman changed my life with her books! The second wish would be the power of invisibility because sometimes I just want to not be seen and wander around aimlessly. And the third would be that I live in London.

What are some of your defects?- I am very, very stubborn, I'm overweight and always have/will be, I am wayy too picky about everything, I'm a perfectionist, and everything annoys me.

What is your favorite TV show?-Grey's Anatomy! It is so amazing. And on last nights show Derek finally proposed to Meredith! Yay! Izzie is my favorite character though. (: I could talk about it all day!

Favorite food?-Spaghetti and meatballs. Yumm. And milk chocolate. Not together of course.

Favorite film?-I have a whole list! 27 Dresses, The Devil Wears Prada, Life Is Beautiful, Maid of Honor, The Parent Trap, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Enchanted, The Little Mermaid, Pochahontis, and loads more!

Favorite Book?-Again, I have loads! The Harry Potter series, Twilight saga, A Girl Like Moi, Number the Stars, The Secret Garden, and a lot more.

Do you have a pet?-Yes, three cats; Samantha, Ginger, and Jonathan. Sam is very fat, black, and sort of mean..but she's cute sometimes. Ginger is very small but she has a big personality...when she looks in the mirror she see's a lion! And then Jonathan is my baby. He's very frightened of everything, drools a bit when you pet him, and is so adorable! I love him!

What is your favorite animal?-I know this is really strange, but I love cats, giraffes, and bunnies!

Finish this sentance "Oh...My...Gosh. Brad Pitt is standing over there! I think I'm going to__scream!________________

Are You a Scruncher or a Folder?-
I'm a little bit of both. I fold my clothes, but they always end up a little scrunched "/

Coffee or Tea?-
Coffee. Mocha Frappachino, please! With chocolate drizzle!

What is your favorite music?-I don't really have a type, but I love Kate Nash, Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles, and Taylor Swift.

Favorite drink?-Water, cranberry juice, champagne, wine, hot chocolate, coffee, Mocha Frappachino's

5 Random Things about yourself?-1)I've never had a boyfriend 2)I'm super death! but I'm alive (: 3)I want to be a writer 4)I am a true romantic 5)I've had the same best friends my whole life.

5 Things You Love?-1)Harry Potter 2)flowers 3)romantic comedies 4)shopping 5)writing

5 Things You Hate?-1)Being annoyed 2)rudeness 3)ignorance 4)running 5)bitches

5 Favorite Possessions?-
1)Lamby!(the stuffed lamb that I've had/slept with since I was two) 2)My Harry Potter books 3)my bed 4)DG's quilt(quilt that my Designated Grandmother made me. It will be on every bed I sleep in for the rest of my life.) 5)?

Which country would you love to visit?-Ireland. I'm very Irish, and I think that it is so beautiful.


  1. loved reading this, we seem to have a lot in common :-) AND DUDE, I have a stuffed animal named Lamby as well! Love her to death!

    And thank you so much for the kind words!

  2. That is so weird! I love it! and your welcome (: