Tuesday, June 23, 2009


As part of my end of the school year celebration I did some shopping and in H&M I found my favorite dress ever. It's got a quirky newspaper, rose, someone's face print and I am in LOVE.

I wish that I hadn't belted it though..it makes me look weird and disproportionate....but whatever, the dress is all that matters.
P.S.-Excuse the funky face, the sun was shining right in my eyes!


  1. you look definitely sweet in that dress. and your house door is really cute too! lol. i want that to be my bedroom door.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, it's been that color for forever, I think it's called Raspberry. I like it. then our basement door is dark purple (: my mom likes purples.

  3. *shrieks with joy after seeing harry potter countdown*


    *hyperventilates for the next 10 minutes

  4. I KNOW!!!!!!!! I'm seeing it at midnight(well, the tickets say 12:01, but whatever) the day it comes out!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!