Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jessie's Park

When we first moved to my house when I was four, my parents named the place Jessie's Park(seeing as we have about 12-14 acres of land, mostly wooded).
As you may have seen, my dad and my's birthday was a few weeks ago and my 'grandpa' does a lot of woodwork. So he made us a sign that say's Jessie's Park! It's really pretty and very well made.

You can't really see it that well in the picture, but it looks really nice.

Tooodayyyy I wore my favorite plain, black long sleeve shirt and my new white cardigan vest over it. The weather may look warm, but it was actually kind of chilly today, so I was quite comfortable. The sun was really nice, though.

Twas very bright and magical.

Aren't Iris' beautiful? We have several in our garden...*sigh*

We're growing lettuce! Yummy! It's actually rather cute too...

My friend Alexandra drew on me today in Biology with her pretty magenta sharpie

Smelling the Pansies

Pretty flowersssss

Ravens! Crows! Overhead! Loads of them! AH!

Me, myself, and the garden. And the door.

And lastly, my messy, messy living room.

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