Friday, May 29, 2009

Rainy Outside Day

Today was one of my favorite kinds of weather; rainy and overcast. No, I am not depressed and no, I am not emo. I just love the rain! It's so serene and calm and wonderful.

In my garden we recently planted more flowers and they are so pretty! My favorites are the Dragonlilies.

The only thing that sucks about it being rainy and overcast is that it was very muggy this morning. Last night my mom and I went shopping and I two of the things I got were new skinny jeans and a longish denim skirt(I've never had one before! I love it!).

Isn't the Iris gorgeous?

As you may have seen in some other posts, most of my property is wooded. On days like today it's very mysterious looking, almost fairy-tale like. Today though it made me think of the Forbidden Forest in the Harry Potter series.

Doesn't it just look magical? It makes me want to explore. I couldn't though "/ we had to leave "/


  1. i love my forested property, exploring is the best. when i was little i used to go tramping about in the woods with a stick in my hand (my "wand") and practice my patronus charm (ooh the childhood imagination, i miss it) :-)

  2. If it wasn't 9 o'clock at night and really dark out, I would go do that! Yayy for patronus'! (is a humongous Harry Potter lover).

    Niice (: