Friday, May 15, 2009

Black, White, Purple, and Sunshine

Today was a very good day. I wore my new leggings that I absolutely love and the weather was perfect. So, of course, I couldn't resist stumping around the grounds of my house and taking pictures of all the little things that caught my eye.

I'm not quite sure what the purple flowers are called, but I love the shape of them. I do know that the swirly green plants are called Hens and Chickens. DG gave them to me (:

The leggings. Are complete and utter love.



  1. lovely photos
    what is on the leggings? zebra stripes? rips?

  2. really cute photos
    and I love the tights!

  3. Thank you, and no, the leggings aren't zebra or ripped! It's just the pattern of them. When you look up close you can tell that they're not's more of a ladder formation(sort of). It's really hard to explain...