Monday, May 18, 2009


Today is my 15th birthday! School wasn't that great(I bombed a math test, got annoyed by this infuriating kid, and got two mounds of homework...). But other than that it was great.

It's been a very good birthday weekend as well.
On Friday night I was going to go out to Panera Bread with my friend, but then she ditched me for a lacrosse game, and so I convinced my parents to take me. I'm really glad because it was really fun! I had brocolli cheddar soup in a sourdough breadbowl, an apple, a few bites of my mom's ceasar salad, and half a sandwitch. I was so full! But it was worth it. Then because there's an Old Navy right down the plaza from Panera we went there and I got a new bathing suit, a black cardigan(which I've been in dire need of), a black tank top, and a black scarf. It's funny because I didn't even realize that everything I got was black until I got home...
Then on Saturday we went to the casino that's an hour away. My dad has the same birthday as me, and he can gamble, so my parents had a lot of fun while I stayed in the cafe reading The Merchant of Venice. "/ 3 more years! Then after that we ate in the Season's Harvest buffet, which is no country buffet. They have gourmet chefs cook your food right on the spot and everything is soooo amazing! My favorites are the meatballs, sushi, garlic bread, and pretty much everything!
Then on Sunday we went out to a little place called Nestico's and I had bowtie pasta with marinara sauce. Very tasty (:
And today is my actual birthday! This morning I got up at around 6 so that I could watch myself be on the news. I don't know if any other station does it, but one of our local one's has the 'Champions' thing where on your birthday if you send your picture in they put you on the news. Well, my mom's done it since I turned 8, so I watched that. It's actually really embarrassing! Oh well. Then I opened my presents! I got gift cards for American Eagle Outfitters, Forever 21, H&M, Starbucks, and one to get a spa pedicure (: A travel mug from Starbucks(so that I don't have to carry my coffee in my funny looking thermos...), the complete first season of Sex and the City, three eco friendly totes, and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. I was really excited about my Shakespeare book because I thought there was no way I was going to get it. (:

Isn't it marvelous?! I love Willy...

Just now my family came over for cake and presents. It was really nice and my cake was very good (:


  1. happy birthday! may this year be an amazing one for you.

    what kind of cake was it? :)

  2. Thank you! I hope it's amazing for you too!

    It was cherry chip with whipped buttercream frosting. The cake doesn't taste like cherry at all, it's just vanilla cake with these little dark pink things that are kinda hard but really good at the same time...idk, I've always had it on my birthday!