Saturday, May 23, 2009

Maddnesss, Market, Moping

Why are people so difficult? I really don't understand.

My 'best friend' Shelby is very...superficial, bitchy, selfish, and a compulsive liar. If there's one thing that I hate, it's lying.
I've known her literally my whole life(we were neighbors when we were little, up until I was 4, and then we went to the same elementary school, and then about two years ago we became best friends. We don't go to the same highschool and she's 4 years older than me) and for the past two years I've watched her lie to people, ditch people, and just be her fake, Holister-loving self. But at the same time she was my best friend. We did everything together and we had so much fun even though we're so different. Because she's 18 she has her licence and has for the past two years so she's always call and just say, "I'm coming to get you, we're going ----" and I loved that! We always had a blast, even if it was just going to KFC instead of the gym.
In the back of my mind, though, I've always sort of known how it was all going to turn out. It all started at the beginnining of March. Everything was fine, but we started not talking as much and she started partying every weekend with her new bestfriend, melissa. Pretty soon we were only talking when she wanted to talk, when she wanted to hang out. It was always about her, too. She never wanted to do what I wanted to do. And for the past three weeks, we've only talked three times, which is strange. We used to talk everyday. Then last Friday we had made plans in the middle of the week to go to Panera for dinner and then do a little shopping. So I called her Friday afternoon to make sure the times and such, and she was at a lacrosse game! With someone else and was like, "oh, yeah, I can't go. Sorry. Love you, by!" and hung up. I was so mad. She didn't even call to tell me. If she had, I'd be fine with that.
Then today we were supposed to go to the local farmers market with my mom to get flowers for the cemetary and our garden. I've been texting her all week reminding her about it, making sure that she was still going. When I talked to her yesterday, she was like, "Well, I have to get my dress altered in the morning, but I'll meet you guys there. I really want to go!" and she kept saying how much she wanted to go. I got on AIM this morning and her away message said, "With Melissa and Dave allllllll day (:" I was so mad that she had lied to me. So I texted her and said, "Hey, are you still going with us today???" and she was said, "No, probably not, I'm not having a good day and I got my period REALLY bad!" so that's when I knew she was lieing because she never gets her period bad.
So needless to say, I'm out of a bestfriend. Oh, and I'm supposed to be hanging out with my friend Karli right now, but she canceled on me too.
Am I really that strange? I mean, I know I'm kind of boring, but I can't be that bad. This is the second best friend whose done this to me.

So now I guess I'm going to watch the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, mope around, and try not to cry.


  1. Aw, I hope you don't feel too bad, I just came by your blog randomly and felt like I should comment.

    There are always friends of ours that we'll eventually see are quite jerks. As you get older you will learn that these people are not worth your time. Go have out, have fun, and make some new friends. Summer is around the corner and you don't want to spend it with someone like her. Feel better okay :)

  2. That's really unfortunate. But honestly it is definitely a "not you, it's them" sort of moment. You know her character, so she's going to act in that manner and it has nothing to do with you.
    Maybe you do have a bad pattern in picking best friends though..? I really can't say, since I don't know you or them. Just a thought.

  3. I do sort of have a bad habit of picking bad friends "/ In the past few days I've been thinking about it a lot and it's just not worth my time. I'm hanging out with my friend right now and I'm in such a better mood. Thanks for the advise guys! I need it to be summer sooooooo bad!