Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Studying for Exams...maybe "/ ????

Allllllll this week (except wednesday) I have exams! It's horrid, really, it is. Yesterday was English, which was probably going to be the easiest, and the first essay we had to do was on the nature of boyhood friendships(I'm a girl, how the heck am I supposed to know?!) and it was actually sort of difficult. We had to read two passages and then write an essay. Usually I'm good at essays, but I struggled a bit with this one.
Today is Global studies, which, hopefully, will be not to bad. Wednesday I have a review scession for Biology, Thursday in the morning I have German and in the afternoon is the Biology regents "/ oh dear. Then Friday is Math. "/ I'm scared.
But on the bright side, after this week I have two whole months off! Plus a few weeks! YAY

So right now while I'm supposed to be studying for Global, I'm typing this. But I promised myself that at 10:00 I will start studying.

and of course I'm still in my jammies (:


  1. i like the little slippers in the last pic - are they froggies?

  2. cant wait for my exam. means closer to the break lol

  3. Thank you! No, they're not frogs they're owls! My best friend gave them to me for Christmas this last year. I love them! At first I thought it was a man with a mustache hahahaa.

    Yeah, I'm officially done with everything next week! but I'm sort of sad though! I really liked this year "/