Friday, June 5, 2009

Tiger Day

Today was Tiger Day at school! Because we only have one week left of regular classes, we had a day off to just have fun. It was so amazing.
In the morning we had two performers come, a magician and a comedian/stunt guy. Both were really funny and slightly dangerous, which just made it better.
After that we went outside and got our yearbooks and just lounged around, finding every friend to sign them.

My best friend Maggie and I. Excuse our funny faces x] Ohh, and if you look into the reflection of her sunglasses, you can see my uber-pale legs haha. I wore SPF 70 so I wouldn't get burned!

After that we had lunch(the best part was the watermelon (: ) and then we could pick from several activities to do: dodgeball(no thank you), listening to the bands play(like rock and roll), or sidewalk art. I did sidewalk art, and I'm so happy I did! It was so much fun! What we do is go in front of the school and pick a slab of cement and go at it! You can draw whatever you want, and most of the pictures come out really amazing.

This is what I drew


  1. That sounds like fun! Cute pictures, especially the chalk one.