Friday, August 7, 2009

100th post!!

Wow, this is my 100th post! It doesn't feel like that many at all!

Today's weather is absolutely gorgeous. It's breezy, sunny, and cool. I'm wearing my favorite Madeline shirt, a jean skirt that doesn't get worn enough, and my trusty gladiator sandals. Mix all that together and you get these!


  1. I am thoroughly jealous of that Madeline shirt. I watched that show all the time as a little squirt.

    Thanks, I do, too. It was written by my good friend Ethan who I had had a crush on at the beginning of seventh grade until he got a girlfriend. He was so sweet and I miss his hugs. But he's changed, I've changed and that comment is just an awesome memory. :]

  2. I adore Madeline. I would wake up early to watch it on Disney before school. I wish they still played episodes in the morning : ( Everything about this outift is cute as are you my dear!

  3. Love the madeline shirt! that show was a favorite :]


  4. i love your madeline top :)
    where did you get it??