Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fall Wishlist

Today is August 23, 2009. All summer long, every time I've gone shopping, I've bought at least one thing that could go from summer to fall easily, or just for fall.
Fall clothes are my favorite kind. You get to layer comfy yet chic fabrics, the colors are rich and warm, and I just all around feel better in them. So as you can imagine, I LOVE back to school shopping. The most important thing that I buy when I go back to school shopping is my first-day-of-school outfit. It's always very important because it sets the tone for how you'll dress for the rest of the year.
Right now I have no idea what I'll be buying for that oh-so important first day back, but I do know some things that I have to have.

Plain white t, NYC red graphic t, short sleeve navy blue cardigan, super-skinny antique wash jeans, ruby red ballet flats (<--- all American Eagle Outfitters), dark charcoal gray tunic (<--- Forever 21), cut-out ballet flats in black and gray (<--- Old Navy), poppy print ballet flats (<--- the Gap), classic ribbed socks (<--- the Gap).

Of course I might not get ALL of it, but I definatley want to try.

Whats on your fall wishlist?


  1. i loooooove the red tee (:

  2. Fall clothes are DEFINITELY the best clothes. I'm looking forward to big sweaters and old/new jeans. And pretty blouses and colorful tights. Ahh...I love this season.

  3. I am dying for blazers, a sheer cream blouse, and a black bandage skirt. Love the jeans and dress in your set!

  4. I need to get my fall wishlist sorted out! I think number 1 is liquid leggings...

    xx Leia

  5. shopping for fall clothes is also my favourite type of shopping to do :)) it's great, really. i don't really know what's on my fall wishlist, i haven't thought of it. i must do it! :) <3

  6. fall wishlist: leather, sequins, and distressed's a bit of a new obsession of mine :-)

    nice picks for your fall wishlist, good luck getting your hands on all of it!

  7. i love the red white and blue color scheme!

  8. thanks for all the lovely comments guys (: ♥

  9. Fall is the best time for fashion. You always pick great pieces to highlight on your blog. I want to snatch up every article of clothing featured here!

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