Thursday, August 27, 2009

What I Bought

See, I told you I'd be back with pictures! (:

Like I said, I shopped mostly at American Eagle Outfitters(at the mall we went to there sadly wasn't an H&M or a Forever 21 "/ oh well, American Eagle is one of my favorites as well).

1) Two new pairs of jeans. (Slim Boot cut in Authentic Wash, Skinny in Faded Black)(Oh, oh, oh, and guess who went down a size? Thats right, I did! :D)

2) Suede Ballet Flat in black

3) Dolman Sleeve Sweater in Bell Navy. (sorry about the weird picture..)

4) Cable Scoop Sweater in Lively Green. (I don't own anything this color and it looks really nice with my hair color and eyes, so I thought, "why not?")

Some earrings that were on sale and that I thought were pretty ♥ I adore drop earrings.

Eye shadow blender brush from The Body Shop. When I first went in I realized that the price had gone up from $12 to $18 and I only had $15 left on me so I had to go back out to the bench where my mom was. But then when I went to pay for it, it turned out that I only had $13! But luckily the people working(one of which was a very gay black guy x]) took 10% off because I was only the second person who had come in to buy something. It came to $17.25 and I had just enough! I was very happy. I love when random people that you don't even know are really nice to you.

Some long knit socks that I got for $5.99 each at JC Penny. They each come with five pairs! Yay! I love socks ♥; anywho, I look forward to trying out the trend of wearing them over my jeans and just above my boots. Sounds ridiculously ugly, but I really like it for some reason. And if it does look silly on me then I have lots of socks to keep me warm!
*I can't find a picutre of it, but I know for sure some models were sporting it. Hmmm...I must keep searching!*


  1. I love those ballet flats. Since I go to a private school, we're required to wear black flats. And, I want those. I'll pay a visit to my local A&E. Oh wait-they're suede? Darn. I'm looking for durable flats & I won't be able to wear those in the rain. Wait-I have rain boots! ahaha, never mind me.

  2. I love everything you got. All the pieces are very classic and sophisticated. I love socks too. I am salivating thinking about a long pair of nice wool socks. Oh, I feel like Dumbledore.

    I'm glad I am not the only one who is prone to irrational mood swings!

  3. All awesome buys. I wonder how the Lively Green sweater would look on me...

    I've never shopped at an A&E in my life. I blame not living anywhere close to one.

    Yes, I love it when strangers give discounts, too.