Monday, April 13, 2009


I love the show Chuck on NBC. It is amazing! If anyone doesnt know, it's about this guy, Chuck who's old college roommate sends him 'The Intersect' through an e-mail and now Chuck has all of the governments secrets burned into his brain. Because of this he has to go on all these missions while also pretending to still work at the Buy More(which is like Best Buy). My favorite part of the whole thing is his relationship with Sarah, his pertector per se. They both have feelings for each other but they can't be together because it would effect their work and if it ended badly, that would not be good. But they have their moments.
I love this show! I just got done watching it and at the very end when they were telling about next week's they were like, 'Oh, and by the way' and they showed this them in bed kissing! The look on my face was something like =O YAY *DOES HAPPY DANCE OF JOY!* I want them to be together soooo bad!
*sorry, I can't find the video ): *

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