Thursday, April 2, 2009

Popcicles=my savior

Right now the dreaded 'super-flu' is plagueing my every move. It follows me like a shadow, constantly making me feel horrible. But alas! I have one savior...POPCICLES! I havent had one in years and I've never really been fond of them, yet here I am, happily slurping up a raspberry popcicle. I guess being sick does make you a little loopy! hehe x]


  1. raspberry popsicles are my favorite kind! When I was little we'd get the double stick kind and then go and eat them outside on a summer day.

    thanks for following!

  2. mmm a raspeberry popsicle sounds good! here's an idea: try mixing the rapsberry juice with lemonade for a raspberry lemonade flavor!

  3. Your welcome, Pansieberry! I love raspberry anything. Yummm

    Adela, that's a really good idea! I definately need to try that.