Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sara Bareilles Concert!

Oh, my God. The Sara Bareilles concert on Monday was the best thing EVER! Siriusly, the best concert I've ever been to. Just because it was that amazing, I'll take you through my whole night. (:
-We got the the casino where the concert was taking place at around four and immediately went and ate at the amazing buffet. Yes, I know what your thinking, but they have like, gourmet food at that buffet! It's so delicious that you have to get a bit of everything.
-Then after two and a half ours of eating we(my friend, mom, and I) went to go gamble (: Well, I didn't gamble because I'm not of age, but I watched my friend. And she won $50! It was so amazing. We were just staring at the machine in disbelief as it just kept going up. Then we ran like maniacs to cash it in a try to find my mom(we were unsuccessful..we ended up just waiting by the fountain haha)
-Then at a little after 7 I went and bought Sara stuff. I got a signed poster that looks as if it's been chalked. It says Gravity Tour 2009, Sara Bareilles at the bottom and at the top it's her legs floating amongst the clouds. So cool! Oh, and I got a red t-shirt that has a drawn picture of her piano sitting in some grass with her signature below it.
-And Then! We saw her! Twice! before the concert! The first time she was walking behind us and my friend was like, 'Jessie! I think she's walking behind us! Loook!' and of course she'd said this two other times, so I didn't really believe her but when I turned around, THERE SHE WAS! Just in normal clothes, with two normal looking guys with her. And then not even five minutes later we saw her again walking into her dressing room! She spotted us, because we were the only other ones there, and was like "Hey guys" and we were totally starstruck so we were just like 'HI!' in a really high pitched voice haha. I'm so mad that I didn't ask for a picture, but my mind totally went blank! Ah!
-And then at 8:10 the concert started. In the showroom there are rows of tables instead of just chairs and we were in the second row of tables. (: ! (: And the way her piano was, when she was sitting at it she was facing us. And we were near a speaker, so I could literally feel the music in me. Her voice is so beautiful and powerful. And she's just really cool! In between songs she told us about going to the Grammy's with her mom and how in her words how 'FUCKING AWESOME' it was, her obsession with U2 and how at the Grammy's when they came on stage she was the only one who stood up, how Bono threw his sunglasses right over her head to 'the two bitches behind me' <---hahahaa, how she had gotten drunk the night before and drew all over herself and her bandmates with sharpie and then ordered herself a 100 piece knife set off the knife channel <---hahaaa that's so random!

Anyway, it was one of my favorite nights ever. Now you may enjoy my blurry pictures (: We weren't allowed to have a flash on ):

Me and Shelby

The Stage *I love her drawings! So adorable! Oh, and the piano in the upper right hand corner is what's on my shirt*

Sara Bareilles


  1. Thanks for the review! Someone posted a link to this review at =]. Sara's so great live isn't she? And I totally know how you feel when you said you were starstruck, haha. That's exactly how I was, too! My mind went completely blank and all I could muster was a 'hi.'

  2. Haha your welcome! That's awesome!
    Yes, my mind just went blank and now that I think of it, we were staring like creepers! Oh well, so was so amazing!