Monday, July 26, 2010

ahhhhhh :P
summer is so boring but so great at the same time.
I keep going to bed and waking up late. I liked it at first but now I don't because I feel like when you wake up at noon your whole day is gone. I'm still in my pajammas as I write this at 3:30 in the afternoon. I feel disgusting. Ergh.

So last night I felt like a true fat ass when I found carmel all through my hair when I got home from my friends house. I had eaten a giant brownie covered in carmel and hot fudge. It was SO DELICIOUS. but I felt so fat. dear god. My unhealthy eating habits need to stop here. I'm determined to stay at or under my current weight.

aren't we the cutest? (: this is my best friend Karli. we've been best friends since kindergarten! :O
this picture was taken on one of our many walks around her neighborhood. I took it on my phone and it came out SO FRICKEN AWESOME! :D

taking pictures makes me happy. I want to start fiddling around with my new camera and tripod more often.

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  1. My sleeping schedule is so messed up. I go to bed really late but always wake up before 10. :|