Wednesday, July 7, 2010

:D yesssss.

The trip was very successful, I am happy to declare. My earplugs saved the day on the flights, the Harry Potter theme park was AMAZING, and the heat did not kill me (or my mother).

Why does everyone say that airports are such a hassle? At my local one we got through really quick and the Orlando one was just as fast! The whole experience wasn't bad at all! Both airports have good food, clean bathrooms, friendly staff, and airconditioning.
Speaking of airconditioning, I really don't know what I would have done without it. I'm sorry to everyone who loves Florida weather, but I personally despise it. It's hellish there! So humid and hot! Yuck! But then of course because karma is a bitch I come home to weather thats even worse x(

Flying is terrifying and amazing at the same time. Terrifying because I don't even know how the hell I'm staying up in the air and amazing because I'm staying up in the air and the views are spectacular.

Whoever built the Harry Potter theme park, let me just say that I love you. With all my heart. You constructed Hogwarts and Hogsmeade to perfection. It was like stepping through the screen and into the movies. ♥ I was in Harry Potter heaven. Words cannot describe how happy I was :D


  1. Yeah, the heat and humidity tends to ruin summers here in Florida.

    I'm glad you had an awesome trip. :D

  2. There's a Hogwarts Theme Park?

  3. your so lucky i wanted to go so bad but my parents wouldnt let me because we are already going to busch gardens. i love harry potter. i have read like every book 348923 times(: