Tuesday, August 17, 2010

back in the day...

Back in the day this was me (: I was in 5th grade here and yes, I was a cheerleader. Not a very good one, but man did I try. I remember it being the coolest thing. Putting on that uniform was a rite of passage to being "cool". The only thing was that once I was old enough to join the team, all the "cool" people had already graduated and those that were left were just like me; not very good, a little chubby, and pretty lazy. But everyone on the team were best friends, so it was OK. And my mom was the coach so I didn't have to do much of anything (: hehe.

I found this picture and a bunch of other ones from elementary school when my mom brought home from work a disc of all the pictures she had stored on her computer there. They brought back a lot of memories, all of them good. I miss my friends from back then. Granted, I'm still best friends with my best friend from kindergarten, but I had other good friends too. Now we've all gone our separate ways and when we meet its just awkward. and sad.

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