Thursday, August 19, 2010

Urban Outfitters

Today my mom and I got up bright and early to be one of the first to enter the new Urban Outfitters store downtown :D It was three floors of amazingness!
The first floor consists of womens clothes, bags, jewelry, and shoes; the second floor is mens clothes, backpacks, headphones, cameras, books on topics you wouldn't expect (think farts, rude parking signs, hipsters, and sex), and little trinkets that you can't find many other places (think a whole wall of mustache memorabilia, key coats in the shape of owls, and robot band-aids); the third floor was where they had a little niche for things on sale, houseware (think faux tree branches, paintings, journals, rugs, blankets, pillows, beanbagchairs, and books about cupcakes), shoes, and the fitting rooms. I think they were really clever about putting the fitting rooms on the third floor because to get to them you had to walk past all their other merchandise and in the end you cant resist picking up a few things on the way! I was very impressed. And in this one, opposed to the one I've been to in New York City, the music wasn't as loud and therefore you could hear yourself think and you didn't walk away with a headache.

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