Thursday, August 5, 2010


I love when it rains. If I'm home alone I'll mute the TV or anything else that's making noise and listen to it pound on the roof. I'll close my eyes and forget everything else and feel a complete calm wash over me. The sound is at its best when its pouring out. If the rain drops aren't too big or if its really hot outside I'll go stand in it. The cool drops falling on my face and arms feels so wonderfully cold that I could stand there in that moment forever.
I did that today.

I'm glad people can't see my house or most of my driveway from the road in the summer or people driving by would probably think I'm a lunatic. I stand in the rain with my arms and face turned towards the sky, I take pictures of my garden, I pose with lawnchairs, and I appear to be cursing the heavens. When I have an urge to do something, I don't ignore it.

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