Tuesday, August 3, 2010

time machine please?

I really want to go back to the Harry Potter theme park ): I'm looking at pictures from my trip and I miss it. I was there a month ago exactly ): I can't believe its been that long already! It sort of feels like just yesterday...

I also would like to go back in time to the moment when I decided that I wanted to go to Italy instead of Germany with my school. One of my bestfriends is on the Germany trip right now and its making me want to be there soooo badly. But hopefully Italy will be just as amazing. But some aspects of it wont be, only because I'm only friends with a few people who are going. Oh well! Everything I'll be seeing in Italy will be better, I at least have confidence in that.

On my agenda for today is maybe fiddling with my new tripod? If I can get my lazy butt outside I plan on taking some pictures with it! wish me luck on getting up the energy! hahaa :P

Then later tonight my mom and I are going dress shopping. My cousin is getting married at the beginning of September and I'm going to do a reading during the ceremony so I need to find the perfect dress! such pressure! I haven't got a clue what to wear, but hopefully I'll find something suitable.
Hot Topic has also just released a new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows shirt which sports Harry's picture with the label 'Undesirable No.1' and imma gonna get it! :D
^look at it!

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