Monday, August 30, 2010


Last night my best friend and I were supposed to go to a Justin Bieber concert at the state fair. But, of course, he's sick! So it got rescheduled to next Wednesday. That day I was supposed to go see a free show by Lady Antebellum, but the Justin Bieber concert is now at the same time. I'm so mad! Uhh! WTF! This would happen to me :P on a funnier side, Bieber caught his own fever x)

This week is going to be so busy, which sucks seeing as its my last week of summer vacation. I have to dogsit for most of the week, I have a dentist appointment, an eye appointment, I have to get my passport picture taken, I have my cousins wedding (rehersal, ceremony, and reception), and I have to finish a chapter (30 pages and 6 questions) of AP U.S. History and write a critical lens essay for Pride and Prejudice. sounds like so much fun, right? no. not at all.
I don't want junior year to start, its going to be hell.

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