Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brown University

As many of you know, I am an avid Harry Potter fan and therefor a fan of the actors who play my favorite characters, especially Emma Watson, Tom Felton, Dan Radcliffe, and Rupert Grint. But Emma is byfar my favorite.

Early this year I recieved a letter in the mail from Brown University inviting me to come to sort of a pre-college experience for the summer there. I (obv.) didn't go, although I really wanted to. I'm only going into my sophmore year, and it would have been a lot of money(that we don't really have). Ever since then though I've been looking into that college and I really love it, and it's been my top college to look at when I'm a junior and possibly to attend after I gruduate from high school. And guess who is going there in the fall? EMMA WATSON! I think it's fate that I shall attend there. She will be a senior when I'm a freshman (:


  1. Huh, that. His degree is in bio-medical ethics. Even he doesn't know what that means, really. haha. He was born in RI, then moved to Connecticut for his youth, obviously coming back for college. Money was an issue for him, and well into his late thirties, early forties, he's been paying it back. Just something to consider. The same is the case for most Ivy Leagues.

    That's awesome! I wonder what made her [Watson, that is] interested to go.

    Fate. Ha, alright. :]

  2. *Huh, that's cool. My dad went to Brown.

  3. I love that Emma takes her education seriously and is willing to take time out of her acting career for it.

    Lizzie I saw this video of her on Letterman and she said she wanted to come to the states because you have more time before you have to declare your major where in England you have to delcare it rather quickly.

    Congrats Jessica on being asked to come to the Brown summer program. Your're right, you are only a sophmore so give yourself time before you start stressing out about college! I'm sure you are destined for a great school : )

  4. Congrats for getting onto the program, even if you can't go, that's surely a great thing? Brown I know mostly from Serena from Gossip Girl planning on going !!

  5. I was reading about how she was going to live in a dorm there and I think it's wonderful! She seems really down-to-earth and I hope her roommate isn't an HP fan...it will make things less awkward!