Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I saw it yesterday at midnight. At the moment when it was over I was very diappointed, but in the last hours I have accepted that it's pretty impossible for the movie-makers to get everything exactly right. When I put the book aside(very painful to do, I must say) it is a very good movie. Visually spectacular, the best yet actually. The actors all portray their character's beautifully, especially Emma Watson as Hermione Granger. Her and Hermione's range of emotion is spot-on and she is such a scene stealer.

So, things that I loved:
1) All of the Ron/Lavender/Hermione scenes. Jessie Cave is such an amazing Lavender, just how I pictured her to act and look.
2) When we see the bridge in the beginning being destroyed by the Death Eaters. I really like how they did the whole first part where instead of just hearing about all the havic, we see it. Very well done.
3) Cormac McLaggen. He was fantastic! And attractive (:
4) Snape. Alan Rickman is also spot-on when playing him.
5) Any scene with Bellatrix Lestrange. She is so deliciously evil x]
6) Draco. Tom Felton did such a good job. *applauds*
7) The Inferi were really just cool.
8) Quidditch, they did such a fantastic job of getting it's violent side. And I was SO HAPPY that they included Hermione cunfunding Cormac! yay!
The things I hated:
1) That Dumbledore asked about Harry's love life! He would never do that!
2) The Ginny and Harry kiss. Not romantic, not long enough, just horrible.
3) When Ginny would tie Harry's shoes or feed him pie. That would never happen!!! Ever! Maybe when they're in their 70s and happily married, but not when they are teenagers. Just, NO.
4) The Burrow burning. Yes, visually really cool but it just bugs me. It didn't need to be there.
5) Just the fact that they left SO much out. I.e., Dumbledore's funeral(that one is the most infuriating), the battle at Hogwarts, the Dursley's, just random little things that I felt should have been included.
6) They skipped around sooo much. The whole movie was very choppy.
7) Lupin and Tonks are supposed to get together at the end!! Not just suddenly be together! Tonks is supposed to pine for him throughout the whole thing! It's supposed to be romantic! Not make it sound like he's got a period!(am I the only one who caught that?)

All in all, it wasn't bad. Not completely amazing and breathtaking, but alright. I'm definatley going to see it again though.

My shirt and excited face before the movie

My friend and fellow Harry Potter fanatic Liz and I

Showing off my Gryffindor pride

Liz drew the Dark Mark on her arm while we were waiting with eyeliner haha.

Also while we were waiting we saw loads of other people dressed up, it was pretty awesome. There were several Dumbledore's, but I think this guy was the best

Oh, and I was chatted up by a really cute guy dressed as Harry. I never found out his name but decided to call him(not to his face obviously) Hot Harry (:


  1. I'm definitely going to see it again! Alan Rickman is SUCH a great Snape. He's really a great actor. And I really agree with number 3 on things you hated. What WAS that?? She's not going to tie his shoe! Her personality in the book is so strong, and in the movies she was so blah. And there was not enough development of their relationship. But still! For me, who is so not a fan of Michael Gambon, I thought it was great!

  2. I love your Hogwarts shirt. I am also completely jealous that people were fun and dressed up at the premiere you attended. Everyone at mine didn't even try!

    Alan Rickman is the PERFECT Snape. Ginny tying Harry's shoe was lame. Ginny blossomed into a really strong female character that Harry had to try and impress because she had outgrown fawning over him. Book-Ginny would never be doing that!

    I love the dinner party scene when Cormac is trying to be seductive with his ice cream. Oh how I laughed!

    I will definitely be seeing it again too : )

  3. I'm going to see this tomorrow and am very excited. i've actually always found it strange that Lupin's lycanthropy is referred to as 'time of month', as to me it always always connotes him having his period! :/

  4. I did enjoy the film...but Ron was such a dud for me! He had no redeeming qualities in this film, I kept wondering why ANY girl would fall for him, let alone the clever Hermione...