Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Vow To...

I know, it's a little early to be thinking about school, but I just can't help myself. A new school year to me a is a new chance to change up my style a bit and try out new things. I'm very excited and have already started planning. Also I vow to wear what I want to wear and not give a damn what people say about me. If they like it, great, and if they don't, oh well. That is that.

Some things I'm really looking forward to:
-eyeshadow! This year I really want to start wearing it. I know it's a simple little thing, but I've never worn it much before. What are some good shades for my skin and eyes? I wear mostly black and white, so I was thinking some silvers and beiges, just to keep it simple-ish for school.
-black! It's a staple in my wardrobe, so I'm really glad that I it's a fall trend. Black is the only color that you can wear head to toe and not look odd(sometimes). I also love that you can wear it so many different ways. One day you can look gothic and the next sophisticated.
-red! I have only a few(if that) red pieces and I really want it to be my fall color. Is it odd that I always pick a season color for myself? I don't really think so, but whatever. I think it's mainly going to be shown in shirts, but I really want to find a pencil skirt or leggings in red or crimson or maybe blood red. Ooh, that would be cool.
-breaking away from jeans! I need to stop wearing jeans everyday. Even if they are black or a really dark wash. I'm starting to resent them. But at the same time I don't want to look too dressy for school. Or do I?
-nail polish! I have promised myself that there will be no more chips on my fingers. They look horrible and make me feel sort of trashy in a way. I'm going to stock up on lots of different colors as well. I'm getting sick of my usual black or red. I found some really pretty shades from Sephora as mentioned in an earlier post that I really want to get my hands on.
-blouses! I really want a simple white blouse. I want it to be simple yet pretty. Not too much, but just enough.
-blazers! I need a simple and thin navy blue or black, oh! or really dark green blazer that I can belt and wear with a cute t-shirt and jeans. That would be awesome, wouldn't it?
I will update as more ideas strike me. I do have a whole month after all ♥;


  1. Black and red are definitely good fall colors. I tried to wear them the other day, but it just seemed to weird in the summer. I like this post.

  2. I need a new blazer too,I just got some nail polish from sephora and its great!


  3. Cute blog.

    Black is just a good color in general, in my opinion.

    I know that feeling, thinking about the new school year and totally transforming yourself (or something like that). It's fun.

  4. I used to write out lists for what I wanted to buy for school but then I became a poor college student haha. Also in college you feel no shame in rocking your pajamas or sweats-believe me I was nominated for best dressed in high school and even I fell prey to the bummy scholar look.

    I stopped wearing nail polish because I would always leave it on after it had chipped and get disgusted by it. Now I just aim to keep them short and clean and maybe a clear coat.

    I love all the things you are desiring. Classic button downs, rich reds, and the ever sophisticated black. Fall wear is the best. This post made me think about some things I want to buy!

    Blazer are boss! Get some!