Tuesday, July 14, 2009


IT'S TONIGHT!!!!!!! I'm leaving in a few hours to go see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince tonight at midnight! I'm excited and really really angry at the same time. Excited because from what I've seen in clips the movie looks really good, but really angry because they've changed/deleted SO much. Just minutes ago I found out that the battle inside Hogwarts was CUT, along with Dumbledore's funeral, both are very important in the book. How could David Yates do that to us Potter fans? He's already fucked up Order of the Phoenix, and now he's going to do the same to Half-Blood Prince? And possibly even Deathly Hallows. I swear to God that if he messes up Deathly Hallows I will hunt him down and kill him. Really, that's how passionate I am about Harry Potter. &^(^$%^%#^%^&*^%^$%#^%&*(^*(&()_&*^^$%^JKHUIT^&%Y*^%$#^*I GOT IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY!!!


  1. I am going to see it at midnight as well! Currently I just got out of the shower and am letting my hair air dry a bit before I get ready to head over to my friends house.

    This is how I prevent getting angry over films based on books:look at it as completely seperate from the book. Movies can never encompass everything a book holds. They have to cut things to make the film flow and climax and what not. I can't believe they would cut Dumbledore's funeral though! But try and enjoy the magic anyways : )

  2. I did enjoy the film alot. I think the Burrow scene was to remind the audience that although alot of the movie was centralized inside Hogwarts that the threat of Death Eaters was still at large. Did they really have to burn the Burrow for that? No, especially since it gets attacked by Death Eaters in the 7th book. It was alot going on and I think that came across as choppy but the 6th and 7th book do have so many seperate story lines all interesecting so I expect they are more difficult to translate to film where as books 1-4 had more of one single major storyline.

    I think they stayed true to the essence of the book and almost all the changes were made to help the film be understandable to non-readers and have a good cinematic flow.

    I think you should give it another viewing : ) I know I will! Probably tomorrow actually.