Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Right Now...

I would love,
-for it to be the middle of autumn, with crisp leaves falling from the trees and a cool breeze playing off my face.
-a nice warm mug of the best hot chocolate to be in my hands.
-a good book to entertain my mind.
-big overstuffed armchairs to be strategically placed all over my living room.
-a roaring fire in an oversized fireplace.
-for it not to be summer.

I know I am quite strange. I know that I am out of the ordinary. I know that I really do not like the summer season. It's too hot, I hate the clothes that we have to wear(i.e. shorts, tank tops), and I am endlessly bored and tired no matter what I do.


  1. I HATE SUMMER! I loathe hot weather. I want to live in a snow globe. I feel you : )

  2. I agree; it is way too hot. Can't speak for what it's exactly like where you are, yet I know I get rashes if I'm out and sweating. Also when I try to sit on my patio in my backyard to read or paint, my legs are practically burning off.

    Yes, I am going to try to be done with the fourth by tonight and I'll try my best. I'd had already read books one through three.

    ha, my birthday is still a ways away. I don't even know why I calculated that since it's likely I won't have a party. I would have almost no friends to invite. Okay, that's an exaggeration...still, it wouldn't be a very lively party at that.

  3. I totally agree with you. It's rained non stop here in England, but it's still pretty warm which is annoying. I want to just curl up by the fire and drink hot chocolate and read and wear woolly tights and lots of scarves all at once (:

    Thanks for following my blog, and for your comment, it was really sweet of you!

  4. i agree. x a trillion. Summer is much much too hot.

  5. This "for it to be the middle of autumn, with crisp leaves falling from the trees and a cool breeze playing off my face" sounds like heaven.

  6. I love summer...but discovering that our house is more than 90 degrees since we don't have a/c has been dampening my love for it...

  7. ahhhh i hate the summer too!!! the clothes are the absolute worst.